Avaunt HIPAA Compliance Services

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Why Avaunt?

  • 30+ years of IT consulting leadership and service
  • Respected vendor to numerous healthcare practices
  • Services provided include HIPAA compliance services, network and security assessments, managed and cloud services, security management and offices moves

What’s worth it to you - on-going, reasonably priced compliance services (and peace of mind) from Avaunt Compliance Services, or these likely costly consequences:

  • Budget-busting settlement costs
  • Severe reputation damage online and in the medical community
  • Loss of long-term patients and revenue
  • Several years of major legal fees
  • Network and software upgrades
  • Staff turnover and difficulty hiring
  • Several years of Office of Civil Rights review, and likely beyond
  • Hiring a full-time, high-priced compliance officer
  • Substantial increase in cybersecurity insurance
  • On-going high level stress for exec team and others regarding compliance

HIPAA Compliance Is Critical to Your Business

  • Keep in Compliance
  • Keep Your Hard-Earned Revenue
  • Keep Your Excellent Reputation


Compliance Investigations Are Increasing

Settlement, Management Time and Legal Costs Are Substantial

Your Hard-Earned Business Reputation is at Stake

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