About Us

We are a service business. We are here to serve YOU!

The secret to our success is simple

Many of our clients have stayed with us for decades because they trust us to provide fast, honest, and effective service. We credit our longevity to our long-standing values; we don’t just jump from trend to trend and confuse our clients with new tech jargon. Avaunt's technicians stay up to date with the most beneficial new business technologies, but quality service has always been our primary focus. From simple performance tests to complete IT overhauls, Avaunt puts in maximum effort to ensure customer satisfaction.


Avaunt’s Values:

  • Fast Response Time – We know that time is money, and promise never to waste yours.
  • Proactive Focus – Simply fixing what is broken isn’t going far enough; we optimize your IT so you experience fewer errors and greater productivity.
  • Certified, Experienced, Uniformed Staff – Our technicians are disciplined professionals, and are committed to proving it in both their appearance and the quality of service they provide.
  • Close Client Relations – Getting to know your business is vital to our ability to serve, so we’ll always take the time to do so.
  • Cutting-Edge Solutions – We’ll always make sure you have the best IT tools to choose from to grow your business.

Avaunt takes care of the technology so you can focus on your business.

We know from experience that each industry has its own technology needs, specialized software applications, and regulatory frameworks. No matter the sector, Avaunt provides industry-specific solutions your company can rely on. Thanks to our experience working with these diverse clients, we’ve developed special capabilities and created proven solutions for these fields.

Why Avaunt?

  • More than 30 years of IT consulting for hundreds of outstanding, recognizable clients from the Northwest and beyond
  • Fast response, quality service by 15 certified technicians and other employees averaging more than 8 1/2 years with the company
  • Managed services and cloud services with flat monthly fees and no budget surprises
  • Pro-active, best IT practices focus minimizes downtime and maximizes security and productivity
  • Specialists in IT for complex industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, legal but serving most all industries
  • IT consulting includes network, security, healthcare compliance assessments, office moves, special projects and others

Industries Served



As medicine becomes more sophisticated, specialized, and complex, and as the population ages, the need for exceptional healthcare IT increases. Avaunt provides this for the PNW’s world-class medical facilities.



Our manufacturing clients produce products daily and distribute them throughout the world. They could not do what they do without the productivity gained from our solutions.



Time-pressured attorneys need to focus on their clients. They don’t have time to become IT specialists, especially at the pace of change that occurs in technology. We shoulder this burden so our clients can better serve their clients.



Our financial clients require the best security possible and extremely reliable IT systems. Avaunt is knowledgeable and experienced in financial services IT.



Our aerospace clients are masters of just-in-time delivery and making incredibly strong and complex products. Avaunt keeps aerospace clients soaring with proactive IT.

Avaunt knows which solutions are right for each client, based on their needs and industry. We partner with only the finest IT vendors and manufacturers, including:

  • Microsoft
  • Citrix
  • 3CX Platinum Partner